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Chip Tuning München 0800450000 Leistungssteigerung

For commercial customers (tuning companies) there is the possibility to program tuning data items by us. The tuning files are according to customer specifications in the appropriate file format. Special requests like raising the rev limiter, Vmax-deregulation, deactivating lambda sensor etc. can be considered.

For newcomers, we offer complete tuning systems. This includes programming devices, detailed instruction and support.

To take our service to complete you require:

    Business license (individuals are not supplied by us)

    Quality programming equipment (eg Alientech KTAG, Kess, Power Gate, BDM 100, CMD, Byteshooter, etc. no Clones Support!)

Procedure for initial orders:

    Please contact us via Email.Send us your business license, a copy of your identity card and your billing information via email or fax. You will then recieve our pricelist.

The first order will only be processed in advance. You will receive a calculation with or without taxes. For without taxes, we need your VAT ID.


The payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal (plus accumulating PayPal fees). After receipt of payment the ordered file will immediately be send via email. Please schedule some time for your first time payment. Form of payment for registered customers after consultation.

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